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High Sea Sales & Imports - Procedure and Formalities

Exporters Importers Know about HSN Code Classification under GST FTP & Avoid Problems


21st September 2021

11:00 AM to 02.00 PM


21st September 2021

03:00 PM to 06.00 PM


Mr. SM Chaturvedi

International Trade Expert



High Sea Sales as a concept is peculiar to India. The importers and local buyers very often undertake this transaction without understanding of nuances involved.

Since India is a massive market for imported goods, complete understanding of High Seas Sale, its process and legal implications will help all concerned parties to minimize the losses and expand their business.


The objective of this Half day seminar is to acquaint the participants with concept of High Seas sale, documentation and procedure, compliances, Rules involved w.r.t Foreign Trade Policy, Customs, and other applicable Laws.

For Whom:

The program would be of use and interest to all Importers, Indenting Agents, Dealers in imported goods as well as user industrial segment, besides Financial and Commercial Mangers involved with import function.


Concept High Seas Sale, Import, Importers, Import duties, Assessable value, Assessment.

Foreign Trade Policy and High Seas Sale

Customs and High Seas Sale

Procedure and Formalities

High Seas Sale Agreement- Dos and donts

High Seas Sale and Air Shipment

High Seas Sale v/s Pre meditated sale

Benefits under High Seas Sale Transaction


Question Answer


As we are aware in India 8 digit HS Code is observed as per Ministry of Commerce Direction. The applicable HS Codes are contained under Hand Book of Procedure Volume - 3, Part - A, 2015-20 as amended. First 6 digits represent International Classification while last 2 digits are country specific.

It is observed that due to lack of knowledge Importers & exporters on Bill of Entry or Shipping Bill indicate HS Code under Generic Heading - others. The Ministry of Commerce & DGFT has taken a very stringent view of this situation and has recently come out with a Trade Notice.

The classification of goods under FTP/ GST, is HSN based and has certain patterns and methods for classifying different commodities to be supplied and covered under CGST / IGST / UTGST / SGST Act, 2017. F.T.D. & R. Act, 1992.


The objective of this program is to acquaint the participants with nuances involved in HSN classification of goods and services with a view to avoid legal issues subsequently and seek refunds promptly, in the context of recent DGFT compliance based on recently announce Trade Notice.

For Whom:

The program would be of use and interest to all those who are part of trading, Industry, professionals and International Business community.



What is Harmonized System of Nomenclature - HSN

Exim Code Structure of Customs Tariff

Tools for Classification

Classification of Services

Relevance of Correct Classification & Assessee

Compliance under FTP recently introduced by DGFT.

Fines & Penalties for Non-Compliance under F.T.D & R. Act,1992 & Customs Act,1962

Special Feature

The webinar will specifically cover recently announce DGFT compliance w.r.t. HS Code & Customs Act,1962

Profile of Faculty

Mr. SM Chaturvedi - International Trade Expert


Mr. SM Chaturvedi is a management consultant in International Business besides being a visiting faculty with leading Institutes of Management in India. He is corporate trainer and Motivational speaker who has conducted more than 5400 seminars on all India bases besides over 260 In-company Training Programs. He possesses over 18 years of corporate experience and over 34 years of consultancy experience catering to corporate client.

He is also a consultant in the field of Foreign Trade Policy, Export-Import Customs, Exchange Control Regulations and Industrial Policy, FEMA, Laws of Weights and Measures.

Courses time structure:

In both Session  30 mins Break Included


You should have good internet connection and good quality headphone/speaker set with Laptop / Desktop.

You should have notepad/pen to note down important points.

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