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Importers and Customs Classification


29th March 2022

02:00 PM to 05.00 PM


30th March 2022

02:00 PM to 05.00 PM


Mr. SM Chaturvedi

International Trade Expert



It is not uncommon in export business to come across post export situations like quality issues, rejection, return of export proceeds, change of consignee etc. Handling of such problem requires integration and knowledge relating to the provisions under Foreign Trade Policy- Customs Act, 1962 and Exchange Control Regulations. Very often regular exporters and their CHA s and banks are found lacking knowledge in this arena.


The objective of this webinar is to acquaint the participants with provisions, Laws, Regulations and Procedural aspect involved in handling matters pertaining to rejections, replacements sale to alternate buyer etc.

For Whom:

The program would be of use and interest to all exporters, Professionals involved with international business as well as aspiring exporters, besides banking and finance professionals.


Concept Exports

Rejects Replacements Procedures

Import for re-processing and subsequent export to same buyer

Import for re-processing and subsequent export to different buyer

Return of export proceeds Provision and Procedure

Change of Consignee Provision and Procedure

Import of Goods exported under Duty Drawback

Refund of Export procedures and Import of rejected Material provision and Procedure

Compliances under various laws i.e., Customs Act,1962, FEMA 1999, and Foreign Trade Policy


Updated HS Codes (1-1-2022)



Special Feature

All the topics will be discussed based on Finance Bill 2022-23 including amendments to the Customs Act, 1962 and updated HS Codes w.e.f. 1st January, 2022


Indirect Taxation comprising Customs & GST are comparatively little-known areas with corporates in India. It is for this reason that the concept of Corporate Tax Planning does not include these two vital areas with the companies leading to High Landed Cost of Import and impacting profitability.

As country launches is efforts to attract more overseas manufacturers to set up their manufacturing unit in India and Government policies aim at encouraging more MSMEs getting into manufacturing & service sector, it is imperative that import organization a correct import duty on their import be it Capital Goods or other manufacturing input. If practice and implemented a good knowledge on Customs Tariff and classification their under may reduce the Landed Cost of Imports.


The objective of this webinar is to acquaint the participants with nuances of Customs Tariff, Classification, Exemption Notification pertaining to imports by an organization.

For Whom:

The webinar would be of use to all Manufacturer, Service Provider, Corporates Planners, Finance Professionals & Customs House Brokers.


  Concepts Import Importer

  Import Documents

  Country of Origin Certificate

  Exim Codes

  Import Duties

  Assessable Value

  Structure of Customs Tariff

  Rules of Interpretation

  Section Notes Chapter Notes

  Exemption Notification

  Tools of Classification

  New HS Codes, 2022

  Case Laws


  Customs Act, 1962 & Import related Provisions

  Customs Co-relation

Special Feature

All the above topics will be discussed based on current Finance Bill 2022-23 and amendments there off till date.

Impact of updated HS Codes as of 1st Jan,2022 w.r.t. Import & Classification.

Amendments to the Customs Act, 1962 and Rules there under

Profile of Faculty

Mr. SM Chaturvedi - International Trade Expert


Mr. SM Chaturvedi is a management consultant in International Business besides being a visiting faculty with leading Institutes of Management in India. He is corporate trainer and Motivational speaker who has conducted more than 5900 seminars on all India bases besides over 310 In-company Training Programs. He possesses over 21 years of corporate experience and over 37 years of consultancy experience catering to corporate client.

He is also a consultant in the field of Foreign Trade Policy, Export-Import Customs, Exchange Control Regulations and Industrial Policy, FEMA, Laws of Weights and Measures.

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You should have good internet connection and good quality headphone/speaker set with Laptop / Desktop.

You should have notepad/pen to note down important points.

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