Webinar on

Corporate Grooming

Personality Development and Etiquette  


31th August 2020 

(11:00 AM to 4.30 PM)


Corporate etiquette covers nearly universally accepted rules, both written and unwritten, of conduct and demeanor that make socials and business interactions pleasant and productive. Protocol, manners, behavior and formalities appropriate to the occasion, coupled with a degree of civility and courtesy greatly enhance the chances of successful interactions and fruitful negotiations leading to lasting personal and business relationships. In the highly competitive international business environment of today, these fine practices, act as powerful differentiators between competitors and make it imperative for executives at all levels to learn and studiously practice the same to stand out as accomplished professionals.

The bedrock of proper manners and etiquette however is a well developed personality. Only cultured and self confident executives with high degree of self respect and self esteem who are articulate, can project the kind of impressions that contributes to the overall corporate image. Equally important is the office etiquette which relates to coworker interaction and which visibly reflects the corporate culture. Quiet efficiency, respectful and dignified behaviors speak much eloquently than vociferous pretentions and ostentatious displays.

Who should Attend:

Managers, Teaam Leaders and Supervisors, Even experienced participants will find this valuable as a refresher and for additional skills, Those who trying to improve their skill

Contents to be covered

Corporate Etiquette

Personality Development

* Making A First Eye Impression

* Self Esteem N Confidence

* Greetings, Introduction, Art Of Small Talk

* Correct Body Language , Poise N Posture

* Personal Grooming

* Pronunction, Voice Modulation-Diction

* Mastering Cross Cultural Etiquette to deal with diversity

*Conversational Techniques in Socials Gatherings, Topics avoided, Interpreting Body Language, Receiving and Giving Compliments

* Telephone and Mobile Etiquette

* Good Dressing Sense

*Fundamentals of Corporate - Business Etiquette

* Grooming for Success

Course’s time structure:

Session Timing– 11:00am to 4.30pm

Webinar Starts 11.00 am, Break – 01.30 pm to 02.00 pm

You should have good internet connection and good quality headphone/speaker set with Laptop / Desktop. You should have notepad/pen to note down important points.

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