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Developing Management Skills for Secretaries Administrative Staff - Assistants


31th August 2020

11:00 AM to 4.30 PM

Even if your title doesn't say "manager," you can still harness the power of management skills!

The next time your boss says, "Handle it..." will you be ready? Do you feel 100% confident managing projects, people, and situations independently?

It's a fact: If you want to be an "exceptional assistant," a fully contributing member of your team, you need the skills of a manager to survive and thrive. You need skills like project management techniques, the ability to negotiate well, decision-making acumen and the ability to manage change, plus many other skills you might think only managers need. In this exciting, one-day seminar, you'll learn the powerful tricks of the management trade - high-impact approaches that will give you the confidence, power, and knowledge to "handle it." You'll master planning and scheduling solutions that give you more control over your time and energy. Not only will you be able to take on special projects, you'll do it without "missing a beat" in your everyday tasks and daily routine.

Make decisions, manage change, solve problems, negotiate what you need - watch problems dissolve and roadblocks fall as you use the time-tested management skills you'll acquire.

By the end of the course, each participant will know how to:

* Structure business documents effectively

* Avoid common grammatical mistakes

* Make decisions, manage change, solve problems

* You'll take advantage of the same methods used by the most powerful, effective managers!

Who Should Attend

This workshop would greatly benefit professionals and managerial employees who have a direct line authority over others.


Lectures, group discussions, role-plays and case studies.


* Your plan for taking more responsibility: how to devise a short- and long-term strategy with your manager, and steps to make this happen

* Setting attainable goals

* Turning scars into stars- remaining positive

* Change from being disorganised to being organised

* How to stay one step ahead -- you'll get things done before you're asked and avoid stressful "crisis" situations

* Win-win negotiating: what it really means, and how to achieve it, consistently and easily

* Conflict management - how to defuse tense situations and neutralize strained relationships

* Assess your office's political structure: understand where you fit in, and how to work within it

* 3 preventive steps that ensure you'll keep on top of your everyday tasks while managing special projects

* Are you "promotable"? - assess your long-term career path

* "Total communications": how to build an extensive, powerful communication "network" throughout your organization (you'll always be "in the know")

* Identifying and clarifying your priorities: know what to do when dozens of people and tasks demand your attention

* Should you "take the initiative"? When to bring a decision to your boss, and when to handle it yourself

* How to devise a plan for continuing "self-training" - you'll increase your value and stay on top of your profession

Course’s time structure:

Session Timing– 11:00am to 4.30pm

Webinar Starts 11.00 am, Break – 01.30 pm to 02.00 pm

You should have good internet connection and good quality headphone/speaker set with Laptop / Desktop. You should have notepad/pen to note down important points.

How To Register

Fee Structure :- Per participants

Rs. 2000/-

USD $ 35

18% GST is applicable

> Mode of Payment: NEFT /Paytm / Credit Card

> Cheque favouring GFORD Institute of Management Pvt Ltd payable at New Delhi.

> Fees include certificate of participation & Course Material.

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