Webinar on

How to Measure Quality and Productivity?

29th October 2020

(10:00 am to 05.00pm)


Mr. Dinesh D.I

Business Mentor, Consultant & Trainer


All customers are concerned with the quality of goods or services they receive. For this reason alone, business organisations have a vital, strategic interest in achieving and maintaining high-quality standards. Moreover, there is a positive link between quality and productivity, giving an additional incentive for achieving high quality and being able to present that image to current and potential customers.


The objective of this 1-day training course is to give a holistic idea to the participants about the quality and productivity of the organisation as a whole

Suitability of the Training Programme:

This training programme is suitable for the senior management professionals working in departments like Production, Quality, PPC, Purchase etc.


Eligibility to Attend the Training:

In this training programme, participants will be given numerical exercises. Considering the analytical nature of the training, more than experience, participants are expected to have a higher level of grasping power and mastery over MS Excel.


Productivity Concepts & Measures

Partial Factor Productivity & Multi-factor Productivity

Productivity measures and what is their use

How to Calculate Productivity Index?

Factors that affect productivity& steps to improve productivity

Relation among Productivity, Quality and Profitability

Introduction to Quality Management

Quality of Design and Quality of Conformance

How to Calculate Availability and Reliability?

How to Calculate the Cost of Quality?

How to Calculate the Cost of Poor Quality?

How to Calculate Labour Index, Cost Index, Sales Index & Production Index?

The Quality-Cost Relationship

The effect of Quality Management on Productivity

How to Calculate Product Yield & Productivity?

How to Calculate Product Manufacturing Cost?

  How to Calculate Quality-Productivity Ratio (QPR)?

Method of Delivery: - This is a highly interactive training programme. The participants will remain engaged in case studies, numerical examples, videos etc. Participants will be given a chance to come up with their case studies also.

Profile of Faculty

Mr. Dinesh D.I- Business Mentor, Consultant & Trainer

Mr Dinesh is versatile in the field of training and management consulting. His multifarious activities include writing articles, designing case studies and guiding juniors through various online forums.

He has handled the training and consulting across the spectrum of industries. Taking benefit of the exposure that he gets through his training and consulting, he conducts research through his participants. Based on his research, he has designed unique programmes like Effective Selling Skills for B2B Market, KAM, Sales and Customer Strategy for B2B Markets, Strategies for Product Pricing etc.

In addition to the training programmes in the field of sales and marketing, Mr Dinesh also conducts training programmes in the field of business strategy like Strategic Analysis of the Enterprise, Strategy for Supply Chain Management etc.

Courses time structure:

Session  (11:00am to 4.30pm) 30mins Break Included


You should have good internet connection and good quality headphone/speaker set with Laptop / Desktop.

You should have notepad/pen to note down important points.

How to Register:

Fees: per person

Rs. 7000/-

USD $ 120

18 % GST is applicable

> Please write to gcmseminars@yahoo.com

> Call Mr. Rajeev Gupta- 9711114779 / 8929596899

For Whatsapp Query 09540012349

> Mode of Payment: NEFT /Paytm / Credit Card

> Cheque favouring GCM Worldwide payable at New Delhi.

> Fees include certificate of participation & Course Material.

*Terms & Conditions apply.

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