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Export Exporters and E C G C Their Role - Contribution Benefits

Exporters Know about Merchanting Trade - Third Country Exports and Prosper


25th November 2020

11:00 AM to 2.00 PM


25th November 2020

3:00 PM to 6.00 PM


Mr. SM Chaturvedi

International Trade Expert



At present large number of countries in the world are in the grip of political and financial turmoil. This unstable political scenario is major cause of concern and worry to Indian Exporters.

Since non realization of export proceeds is viewed seriously by Reserve Bank of India and Banks, the problem gets compounded for exporters who end up facing huge losses in dealing with countries facing economic and political crises. The problem can be partly minimized by taking E.C.G.C cover. Unfortunately knowledge on functioning of Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Ltd. (E.C.G.C) and awareness about its functioning and Role is lacking among exporter fraternity.


This half day seminar is to acquaint the participants with basic principles of Export Credit Insurance, the types of covers offered by E.C.G.C and risk coverage besides benefits offered by Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Ltd. (E.C.G.C).

For Whom:

The program would be of use and interest to all exporters existing as well as those proposing to enter export business, export professionals and organisations engaged in export business.


E.C.G.C. the Organisation

Fundamental Principles of Credit Insurance

Commercial Risk

Political Risk

Risk Not Covered

Types of Policies

SCR -Shipment Comprehensive Risks Policy

ETP - Exports Turnover Policy

SSP - Specific Shipment Policy

BWP - Exports (Specific Buyers) Policy

SBEP - Buyer Exposure Policy

MBEP - Multi Buyer Exposure Policy

CSA - Consignment Exports Policy (Stockholding Agent)

CGE - Consignment Exports Policy (Global Entity)

IT - Enabled Services Policy

Single Customer (SITES)

Multi Customer (MITES)

Important Obligations of Exporters

Claim Settlement and Procedure

ECGC-Claims & Foreign Trade Policy

Exchange Control Regulations & E.C.G.C. Settled Claims


Of the various trade reforms carried out in the recent past by Government of India, the permission to carry out Merchanting Trade, commonly known as Third Country Exports in business circle is a significant one. However, not much is known about the concept or modalities among exporters about this significant liberalization.

Countries like Singapore, Dubai and Hong Kong, owe much of their growth to this form of business.

If understood properly and conducted with full knowledge this form of export trade can open up a new vista of opportunity to Indian Exporters leading to diversified product range and market besides increased profitability.


This Half Day seminar is to acquaint the participants with the concept and modalities involved in Merchanting Trade (Third Country Exports) in a simple manner.

For Whom:

The program would be of use and interest to all exporters both existing and prospective, International Marketers, Bankers and others.


Concepts Exports Exporter

Types of Exporters

E.E.F.C. Account

Registration Cum Membership Certificate

Importer Exporter Profile

Bill of Lading Switch B/L

Exim Code

Country of Origin

Export Documents

Import Documents

Freight Forwarder

Understanding the concept

Master Direction on Import of Goods and Services & Merchanting Trade

RBI guidelines on Merchanting Trade

Pre requisite for success under Merchanting Trade Transaction

Exports to Iran under Rupee Payment Mechanism & Third Party Exports


Profile of Faculty

Mr. SM Chaturvedi - International Trade Expert


Mr. SM Chaturvedi is a management consultant in International Business besides being a visiting faculty with leading Institutes of Management in India. He is corporate trainer and Motivational speaker who has conducted more than 5400 seminars on all India bases besides over 260 In-company Training Programs. He possesses over 18 years of corporate experience and over 34 years of consultancy experience catering to corporate client.

He is also a consultant in the field of Foreign Trade Policy, Export-Import Customs, Exchange Control Regulations and Industrial Policy, FEMA, Laws of Weights and Measures.

Courses time structure:

In both Session  30 mins Break Included


You should have good internet connection and good quality headphone/speaker set with Laptop / Desktop.

You should have notepad/pen to note down important points.

How to Register:


Per person per session

Rs. 4500 /-

USD $ 75


Per person both sessions

Rs. 9000 /-

USD $ 150

18 % GST is applicable

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> Call Mr. Rajeev Gupta- 9711114779 / 8929596899

For Whatsapp Query 09540012349

> Mode of Payment: NEFT /Paytm / Credit Card

> Cheque favouring GCM Worldwide payable at New Delhi.

> Fees include certificate of participation & Course Material.

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