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Skills Development for Secretaries and Assistants

Leadership Skills


29th May 2021

10:00 AM to 1.00 PM


29th May 2021

2:00 PM to 5.00 PM

Topic to be COvered


•   Key attributes, skills and knowledge that bosses look for in an assistant

•   Examples of communication gaps

•   Fool proof formula to avoid the communication gaps

•   How to design terms of reference for the domestic enquiry?

•   How to give feedback?

•   Career planning – taking stock of where you are where you want to be (optional)

Topic to be COvered


ü a)  Understanding difference between managership to leadership

ü b)  Threadbare understanding of the competencies required for their current and future positions.

ü c)   Based on the understanding of competencies, participants can make self-learning plan to build the leadership competencies.

ü d)  Understanding leader’s role in building the organisation’s culture.

ü e)  A systematic plan on dealing with subordinates on who requires what kind of instructions.

ü f)   Ideas to generate collaborative work culture or inter-departmental or intra-departmental collaboration.


Programme Contents: -

ü Facts of Managerial Life

ü A Twenty-first Century Manager

ü Leadership Competencies

ü How to relate situation at hand and the competency?

How to Register:

Fee Rs. 1180/- per participant per session


18% GST is include

> Mode of Payment: NEFT /Paytm / Credit Card

> Fees include certificate of participation & Course Material.

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