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4th September 2021

10:30 am to 05.30 pm


14th September 2021

10:30 am to 05.30 pm


Mr. Dinesh Divekar

Business Mentor, Consultant & Trainer


Contracts, dating back thousands of years, are one of the oldest features of trading relationships. Over time, contracts have undergone a radical transformation from a document to a tool for business optimization. Modern contracts are viewed and defined in a variety of forms due to the wide-ranging scope of a contractual relationship. The scope of contracts can vary from the simplest of transactions to the most complex transactions possible involving considerable funds and many parties. Contracts are agreements that define the relationship between two or more parties.

Training Programme Objectives: -

      Learn what the Contract Lifecycle Management etc.

      Learn legal issues through past court cases

      Learn why disputes occur in the course of contracts and how to resolve them

      Learn to develop Contract Management Plan (CMP)

Unique Programme Takeaways: -

Howsoever elusive it may appear; the quintessence of this training programme will lie in the creation of flawless contracts. However, participants will be given the draft of the Contract Management Plan (CMP). This is a well-researched document. CMP-based drafting of the contracts will help in:

a)   Preventing disputes with the contractors

b)   Because of the reduction in number of disputes, time overrun in completion of the project is expected to reduce which help organisation's profitability.

c)    Because of the reduction in disputes, time spent in negotiations will reduce, which in turn improves the productivity of the contract management personnel.

Eligibility for Participation: -

This is a managerial level programme. Nevertheless, whether managers or non-managers, participants are expected to a good understanding of procurement or commercial practices.


  Introduction to Contracts

  Introduction to Indian Contracts Act (ICA), 1872

  Discussion on court cases handled under ICA, 1872

  Why the disputes occur with the contractors while managing the contracts

  KPIs used in Contract Management

  Discussion on Contract Management Plan

  Drafting the agreement

Introduction: -

In the erstwhile era warehouses were used just for storage for goods. However, todays warehouses have multifarious challenges viz. reduction of inventory, reduction of labour cost, effective management of storage capacity, increase the inventory accuracy and above all improve the customer service.


Cost Reduction because of this Training or ROI on Training: -


This training is aimed at reduction of inventory carrying cost of finished goods. Participants can get ROI by saving their time because of improved order picking accuracy, better slotting of materials etc.


Objectives: -

By taking this course, participants will develop their competencies in:

>Understanding the functions of modern warehouse

>Assessing the location of the warehouse before raising it moving to a new one

>Managing the warehouse space scientifically

>Measuring the performance of their warehouse

>Housekeeping of the warehouse

>Choosing a Warehouse Management Software



  Functions of Warehousing

  Factors to be considered while starting or moving a warehouse

  Warehouse Operations

  Various KPIs to measure performance of Warehouse

  Understand 5S

  Housekeeping audit of Warehouse

  Selection parameters while choosing Warehouse Management Software

  How to decide slotting in the warehouse

Profile of Faculty

Mr. Dinesh Divekar- Business Mentor, Consultant & Trainer

Mr Dinesh is versatile in the field of training and management consulting. His multifarious activities include writing articles, designing case studies and guiding juniors through various online forums.

He has handled the training and consulting across the spectrum of industries. Taking benefit of the exposure that he gets through his training and consulting, he conducts research through his participants. Based on his research, he has designed unique programmes like Effective Selling Skills for B2B Market, KAM, Sales and Customer Strategy for B2B Markets, Strategies for Product Pricing etc.

In addition to the training programmes in the field of sales and marketing, Mr Divekar also conducts training programmes in the field of business strategy like Strategic Analysis of the Enterprise, Strategy for Supply Chain Management etc.

Courses time structure:

Session  (10:30am to 05.30pm) 30mins Break Included


You should have good internet connection and good quality headphone/speaker set with Laptop / Desktop.

You should have notepad/pen to note down important points.

How to Register:


Per person per webinar

Rs. 5500/-

USD 90


Per person both webinars

Rs. 11000/-

USD 180

18% GST is applicable

Mode of Payment: NEFT /Paytm / Credit Card / GPay

Cheque favouring GFORD Institute of Management Pvt Ltd payable at New Delhi.

Fees include certificate of participation & Course Material.

*Terms & Conditions apply


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